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This was a great area to explore, south Mindoro, on Hwy 108, we spotted this one on Severson Coulee Rd. We were on our way back to Wausau, with some sightseeing in between, and I have to tell you, you drive through that Illinois for hour after hour, and then come across this barn scene at W1063 in the Town of Rubicon, Dodge County, and first you know you are back in Wisconsin, and second you are really happy to be back in Wisconsin. Chase, Wisconsin is about 20 miles northwest of Green Bay in Oconto County.What has come to be known as the Chase Stone Barn was built in 1903 and is on the State and National Register of Historic Places.This great old red barn is located on CH DL in eastern Sauk County, west off Hwy 78, and between Bluff Road and Parfrey's Glen, and close to Devil's Head resort.But here is the added wonder that goes with this barn. " On Hwy 78 west of I-39, western Columbia County southwest of Portage. She’s an old barn, but standing in the field like this she sure looked wonderful.


Massive glaciers pushed and tumbled the stone to the Wisconsin region during three known ice ages over the past 70,000 years. I’m treating it as a barn, with a big “welcome”sign on her.

It turned out is was named Chrislaw Rd., just south of Okee. I could see an escarpment in the hill, part of the Niagara Escarpment.



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