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The main thing that shocked me about this film is how beautiful and clean this looks.This film was made during a time when color was still relatively new and here it embraces the idea of making this colored in such a gorgeous way that you can't help but admire all that you see.

There wasn't enough humility on the part of the love-vanquished Professor Higgins, and the final shot of Eliza getting his slippers made me think that neither of these characters learned enough.Overall, this film is very good, a fine representation of its source material.One of the best musicals ever made, Cinderella as an Cockney English flower girl and her fairy godmother , a dyed-in-the-wool English linguistic specialist ... Sophisticated and endearing, certainly the dream can be derided, but's savvy presentation makes for delectable entertainment.Everything from the dirt poor streets to the magnificent set used for the Ascot Race is... Yeah, that is the best way to describe this film in terms of looks: magnificent.

In a day where almost all films have computer graphics, this film reminds us why we love classic films all over again.The only problem I had with the film's performances is Harrison's singing.


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