Sophisticated gay dating sites

A guy you'll never know, find soaringly hot from his television shows ... At one point in the show, her character says to Stabler "You've got a big ass..ass is HUGE! Also do you think the skin of his taint is smooth/tender/dry?

Would you go down on it even if he hadn't bathed in a few days? He butches up for the cameras but in real life he's a bit queeny, loves walking his dog and go antiquing with his thick-necked interior decorator wife Sherman.

Yes, I know it's a locker room, where people change clothes. With an ass like that, it would be cruel if he wasn't at least BI. He presented his nice dangly low-hangers in a few different shower scenes in OZ.

But this guy would literally put on a show in the showers. Other than wishful thinking on your part, nevermind that there is nothing about him pinging, if he did ping, he'd not ping with you. Upstairs Eldergay knows him from his days working at REDBOOK magazine. Speaking of Meloni, I watched an episode of SVU last night where Kathy Griffin guest-starred as the leader of some lesbian brigade. What do you think his balls smell like in relation to his hole or his taint??? Please find photos of the hot stink rising from Christopher Meloni's taint.

I hope to met him next time he is here in Austin.r6 is correct.


He insisted on pissing in the bucket in OZ himself when producers offered him a prosthetic piss device because he enjoyed the attention of the (mostly male) crew watching him piss. This whole place went downhill when the Trolldar Trolls started posting their crap yet they NEVER post anything of interest, humor, wisdom, or value.(if so, give proof or else just speculate); does anyone have pics of Meloni presenting his taint (if so, SHARING IS CARING, faggots! Thanks to R59 for the delicious pics of Meloni's spread hole and taint, and for keeping on track. Last clip, hopefully Meloni's ass in those gray shorts will silence the Trolldar trolls for a while.


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