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To determine a card game's printing, check the white box on the back cover of the box, just above the bar code.

Deck Names In the very early days of Munchkin, we called the Door cards "Dungeon" cards in Munchkin, "Station" cards in Star Munchkin, and "Alley" cards in Munchkin Fu. When we figured out we were being dumb, we changed all the names to "Door" cards, and we have done that ever since.

Stevenson has several other comics coming out this year; she’s continuing doing backup features in comic and he’s found himself in the fraternity of the very few writers over the past several decades who has been able to pull off a follow-up to the original movie that doesn’t feel lame and off-model. Doyle can build characters and worlds during simple conversations and her realistic designs fit the muted world of New York City in the ‘70s.

Like Mara, Doyle’s work (and Jordie Bellaire’s colors) is the star and we look forward to seeing more in 2015. Hunter’s detail and love of tokusatsu elevate the comic in to one of the best homages of the genre.

The demons’ design and movement is based on rubber suits actors would wear and the suits are made up of material related to the character (the first issue features a student turning in to a monster because of test anxiety, so his costume is made up of Scantron paper, a pencil bandolier, and a skull).

Along with Bechko and Hardman are like modern day Alex Raymonds, two writers who understand classic sci-fi.



was originally planned as an eight issue mini-series, but by the second issue it was picked up as an ongoing series. Although the setting may be different, her signature style is still there.

But now that we have released the new double-sized Dungeon cards in Demented Dungeons, there's the vague possibility that somebody looking at an early-edition Munchkin could be confused by references to "Dungeon" cards.


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