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' She stood up and stretched before easing herself into the clear water of the pool to cool down.Plus she was a bit of a dominatrix and liked her own way.Now she was on her own on her annual two week holiday in a boutique hotel on Rhodes, one of the Greek Islands, enjoying her palatial suite and the hotel's amenities. The wife late thirties, she reckoned, was about five feet two, slim with shoulder length blonde hair.This time though the daughter wanted to go to bed so Susie her mother said she would go up too.

Tom, the husband and Ben stayed down to chat to Jean. Jean took the glass from him and put both hers and his on the coffee table before rubbing his back. 'Are you alright dear,' she said rubbing his back and stroking his thigh.

That is until a new family of four arrived at the hotel on the Wednesday and visited the pool on their first morning. There was a son who was probably eighteen or nineteen but looked younger and took after his mother in size and hair colouring.


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    The premiere episode is titled, Old Friends, New Faces, and the official synopsis reads as follows: Things are changing in Jersey!

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