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“We actually went and showed it to people and talked to them.” During Nura’s crowdfunding campaign, Petrovic says the team took the nuraphones to music festivals to give music lovers a feel for the product.They soon found backers were coming from the areas where they had run demos and so Petrovic and his team are confident they’ll be able to drive brand awareness with strategic “word-of-mouth” marketing and a “fostered grassroots effort”.With Nura being a tiny company competing with much larger players that have big advertising budgets and celebrity endorsements, the startup was asked: “How would you be able to get the word out without such a massive advertising budget?” “We don’t have pockets like that to be able to play the game that way,” says Petrovic.


The product’s inbuilt microphones listen to human ears and automatically adjust sound to suit each user’s hearing. “The additional money is really to help us accelerate our growth, help us get the word out even more and also to ramp up productions,” he says.Nura Diya, meaning “this country or camp”, takes you on a journey through Taronga as you hear stories of Australian wildlife told through the perspective of an Aboriginal guide, with tales of their shared history with the animals and land.Developed with the indigenous community and led by an Aboriginal guide, you will hear their own personal stories, and discover their important connections back to the land, animals and nature.“We started global and there’s no going back.” Investors in Nura include Sydney-based Blackbird Ventures, former Google Access chief executive Craig Barratt, and music industry veterans Ric Salmon and Brian Message from UK-based ATC Management, which represents artists like Nick Cave.

“We have seen Nura grow from three to 12 people in 15 months, build a sophisticated global supply chain, and become Australia’s biggest Kickstarter campaign,” Blackbird Ventures partner Rick Baker said in a statement. We love partnering with founders that have that level of drive and ambition.” Petrovic says one of the toughest questions asked by an investor during the funding round related to Nura’s go-to-market plan.

Adjusting the sound to each wearer’s hearing is a genius way to make sure everyone gets the best possible sound quality.


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