Mandating travel policy Dating brilon

This means that the total expenses will be reported as income and added to the employee’s Form W-2.

Travel Expense Reports submitted after 120 days from the last day of the trip, will not be processed.

The following travel procedures are standard within RIT.

As a general rule, all RIT business travelers or travel arrangers will book air fare and reserve hotel, rail, and car rentals through one of RIT's designated travel agencies. All other exceptions must be approved in advance by the Controller's Office.

However, foreign travel may present risks for travelers and the university from unexpected situations such as medical emergencies, natural disasters, political instability, crime, and terrorism.

Proper planning and due diligence prior to traveling can help to mitigate the adverse effects of these events.


Refer to the Procurement Card Guide on the Controller's Office web page at edu/fa/controller/pcard for more information regarding the use of the Procurement Card.

Generally, this individual is the dean, director, department head, or a department administrator.


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